Past Shows

Spring – Fall 2011

Spring 2011 Performance

“The Curious Savage”                                                    [link]

Spring – Fall 2010

Fall 2010 Performance

“The Still Alarm”                                                    [link]

“Sorry Wrong Number”                                         [link]

Spring 2010 Performance

“The Man who Came to Dinner”                           [link]

Husky Review

“Hamlet’s Abridged-Condensed-Abridged”        [link]

Spring – Fall 2009

Fall 2009

“Three Murders and It’s only Monday”                [link]

Spring 2009

“A Midnight Summer’s Dream”                             [link]

Husky Review 2009 – Winner –

“A Play Within a Play”*                                            [link]

*(Excerpt from “A Midnight Summer’s Dream”)